20 Tips to Reverse Engineer Your Competitor’s SEO in 2020

Reverse Engineer Your Competitor’s SEO in 2020

SEO is constantly changing. The important thing about SEO is how you approach it. Know your competitor’s Search Engine Optimization strategy and use their loopholes to make your super SEO strategy to rank your website on the top of the Google ranking.

Scratching your head to know what your competitors are doing to stay at the top position of Google rankings? Don’t worry now. We are here with 20 best tips to reverse engineer your competitor’s SEO and make a move to get the top spot in Google rankings.

Lets’ get the deep drive and know the best tips.

#1 Identify your competitors

Identifying your top competitors’ is the very first step to reverse engineer your competitor’s SEO. Search with top keywords of your niche, and look who is ranking on the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. With the tools like SEMRush, analyze the authority of domain of your competitor’s website and root linking domains.

#2 Dissect the ranking pages one by one

This is a most important step of the process. After knowing your competitor’s, pinpoint where they stand on the ranking. There are a number of factors to analyze this.

  1. Content-Length
  2. Number of H1, H2, H3 tags and keywords used in them
  3. Number of Links: Internal Links, Outbound Links, Number of backlinks.
  4. Keyword Density

#3 Scrutinize your competitor’s onsite content

Scan your competitor’s website and analyze the most shared topics. Know the best-performing pages of your competitors and analyze which topic and piece of content work best for you. Tools like Social Crawlytics can help in analyzing the most shared topics of your competitor’s website.

#4 Look at their Page layout and Site Structure

Website Page layout and site structure play a very important role in SEO. Site structure of the website is now nuts just limited to visual factors but also includes factors like navigational structure, internal link structure.

So, have thorough research on your competitor’s site structure to get an idea of all the pages on the website.

#5 Identify your Growth Opportunities in Your competitor’s social media strategy

Social media strategies are always worth watching closely. It’s always advantageous to know on what platforms your competitors are very popular. Know the right platform of your target audience. You can get valuable information by dissecting your competitor’s social media strategies.

Identify your Growth Opportunities in Your competitor’s social media strategy

#6 Discover your competitor’s SEO strategy

After analyzing your competitors’ and their social media strategies, it’s now time to inquire about their SEO strategies. To understand their link building strategy, you need to know everything about their provenance of the link and the anchor texts. You have to monitor your competitor’s backlinks and look for their keyword opportunities to determine their SEO strategy.

Discover your competitor’s SEO strategy

#7 Look at SEMRush

Use SEMRush to know information about your competitor’s website – their organic research, Adword campaigns, and many other important factors. You can analyze their mostly used terms to get the most traffic.

Know which terms are effective to create your own SEO strategy and pull the traffic on your website.

Look at SEMRush

#8 Analyze your Competitor’s Page Templates

Analyze your competitor’s website and check where they lack at. Does their website have a responsive design? A website with good architecture and usability information ranks higher on search engines.

#9 Analyze your Competitor’s Category Templates

Categories on the website help in determining how the website is organized. Like any website consists of heavy e-commerce content, the categories will help you in understanding their organization and user navigation.

Analyze your Competitor’s Category Templates

#10 Mobile and Organic Search Visibility

One of the best ways to get an idea of the organic performance of your competitor’s website is to know their website usability. Search engines like Google give high regards to websites with rich user-experience.

Search visibility of the website can be measured through the keyword they rank for, their volume and click-through rate.

Mobile and Organic Search Visibility

#11 Find their keywords

Having the list of right keywords is very important. Your competitor’s already invested a lot of time in developing their keyword strategy. Pinpoint their mostly used keywords and create your list of keywords to drive traffic. The easiest way to find their targeted keywords is to use tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs.

Ahref- Find their keywords

#12 Discover more keywords

After analyzing your competitor’s keywords, get sneaky and discover more keywords that might be left during the initial research. Know what keywords these websites are optimized for. Use the tools like Keyword Planner to get the targeted keyword for your website.

Discover more keywords of your competitors

#13 Review their Backlinks

Backlinks have always been the most important strategy to analyze your competitor’s website. There are mostly 2 important reasons to analyze their link profile

  • To discover any new link opportunities
  • To determine whether you should replicate their link profile

There are numerous tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, Open Site Explorer, Web Me Up etc to analyze competitor’s backlinks.

Review your competitors Backlinks

#14 Is their Content Ranking High on BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is used to analyze how much engaging the content is on social media profiles. Analyze your competitor’s content on BuzzSumo and check how much they influence users across the web. If their tactics are successful, customize your website according to that.

Is their Content Ranking High on BuzzSumo

#15 What strategy they are using which make them unique?

Discover what makes your competitor unique from everyone else. How they draw large traffic and a high ranking. Don’t copy but analyze their uniqueness and add your own spark to make your website unique as well.

What strategy they are using which make them unique

#16 Keep track of top 3 pages of your competitor’s

Now you know your top competitor’s, keep track of their top 3 pages and don’t miss any single updates and changes made on them. You can use tools like ChangeDetection.com to track their pages. It allows you to see what changes they have made on a specific page.

Keep track of top 3 pages of your competitor

#17 Define your Content Strategy

To surpass your competitors, develop your own content strategy. This is the backbone to overrule your competitors. With all the gathered information, write an appealing and engaging content with a mix of long tail keywords and get the content social shared.

Define your Content Strategy 

#18 Awesome content Creation and Distribution

This is one of the important steps of the reverse engineering process. Write the awesome piece of content that is more detailed than all the top ranked pages. Add more pictures, link to high authority websites, include meta tags. Write H1, H2, H3 tags.

After writing the satisfactory content piece, share it on social media and reach out to more people.

Awesome content Creation and Distribution

#19 Create your site structure

Having your website’s information and site structure is the key point in getting your website in organic search. Create your own site structure with the information you have gathered. This will help in interconnecting your pages.

Create your site structure

#20 Develop your own Link Building Strategy

The best link building strategy is to know your target audience first. Then find the websites that are already linking to you and build high probability link channels with custom search engines. Create high-quality content and backlinks to drive traffic to your website.

Develop your own Link Building Strategy

Lets conclude:

So as we conclude you have top 20 SEO competitors tips. Keep these tips handy for reverse engineering your competitor’s SEO this year and develop amazing SEO strategies to stand out from the crowd.

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