10 Simple Steps to Increase Your Website Alexa Rank Quickly in 2018 for India and USA

What is Alexa and what is the Alexa Rank?

First of all, to Increase Website Alexa Rank Quickly, we will have to learn about it. Alexa is website’s data measuring tool of Amazon, most importantly it is providing information of the websites ranking Globally as well as Locally (nation-wide).  It Proves the point how popular a website is globally and how well it is in in a particular country. The Best part of the Alexa rank is that it gets updated daily, the lower the rank it’s a better position of your website in Alexa Ranking factors.

How to Improve Website Alexa Rank Quickly in 2017

How is Alexa Rank Measured?

Every day, Alexa estimates the average daily visitors and pageviews to every site over the past 3 months. Alexa measures your traffic which has Alexa Toolbar installed.  It estimates the combination of a number of visitors to all sites and time spends. Other factors affecting ranking are the type of traffic- Organic Traffic or Direct Traffic, Backlinks from High Authorities websites, Bounce rate, Content update and Page load time.

Do Alexa Rankings affect SEO or traffic?

There is no direct relation between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Alexa Ranking. But lower the alexa rank more chances of your website to enjoy chunks of visitors. It has been observed the website having lower than 10k Alexa rank might imply high amounts of organic traffic from the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Regular content updates and more organic traffics helps the website to attain higher Rank in SERP, this helps both SEO as well as Alexa Ranking.

How to improve website Alexa ranking quickly in 2018: 10 Simple Steps


Alexa Toolbar gives the ranking of the website. Alexa counts ranking for the website which installed Toolbar. It has a simple extension for all the browsers like Google Chrome Alexa Toolbar Extension and Mozilla Firefox Alexa Toolbar. The toolbar provides with Global ranks and also local ranks. Thus to monitor and get good ranking it’s best practice to install Alexa widgets on your own website, which will help to get maximum exposure to your website.

Also to monitor and get good Alexa ranking it’s best practice to install Alexa toolbars on your own web browsers, which will help to get maximum results.


The website should be optimized for high-performance keywords. Track down the competitor’s keywords ranks for landing page as well as PPC.  Keywords research should be done for your targeted audience, this helps to improve CTR. Keywords placement should be in a strategic manner which helps to hold visitors to the page. The well-optimized site always enjoys the higher rank in search engine result.


Content is king in digital marketing and search engine ranking. The more fresh and amazing content you have more visitors you are going to gain on your website. If you want visitors to return back, then you should write content that is amazing to read, If your blog has good quality content then your Alexa ranking will improve tremendously. Google does like the website or a blog which keeps on updating on regular intervals. No one would like reading a post which is outdated or not been updated for years. Having fresh and actionable content will hold the reader and improve the credibility of the particular page or blog post.


Getting backlinks from high authorities helps to improve the organic traffic of your website and pass high-quality link juices to the website, this helps in improving Page Authority of the website. The higher the page authority the better gets Alexa Ranking. Always aim to get the high domain authority website for a backlink from the relevant niche . Having a backlink from a random website will not help you either in the SEO nor for the Alexa ranking.


Organic traffic can only be obtained if the off page SEO and on page SEO of the website is done well and abide by all the Search Engine guidelines. Alexa measures the incoming traffic, be it Direct Traffic, Social Traffic, Referral or Organic Traffic. More the website gets organic traffic, Alexa Ranking gets better and better.


Visitors spend time on the website if he gets the information he actually was looking for. Always provide best fresh content to win the loyalty of the visitors this will reduce the bounce rate and improve the click-through rate. Returning user to website improves ranking in search engine result page as well as Alexa Ranking.


No one likes to read the old content and information. Content on the pages should be updated on the regular basis.  More the content is updated with new Data, information, better keywords and content improvements help rank improvement. Not only content But also TITLE tag, META DESCRIPTION should also be optimized and high-performance keywords should be updated to improve the Page rank and Alexa rank.


Speed is killer, no one likes waiting for the page to get loaded. Decreasing Page Load Time can drastically improve the conversion rate. Page Load time will directly affect google page rank too. You can test your page Speed with Google Speed Test Tool.  Lesser the load time more time visitor will spend o the website and chances of coming back increases. This directly improves Alexa Ranks.


Social Media is becoming a primary source for generating good traffic to the website. Share your blog Post to all the Social Sites and improve your engagement with your page fans. offer your visitors niche content so that they can’t resist them from sharing it on the individual social media accounts.


Directory Submission is old School process of generating traffic to the website as per the category and business domain. Submitting URL to good Directories which will help in improving Alexa Ranking. Directory submission will not boost your search engine ranking in 2018. but yes, if directory submission is done right that will generate good referral traffic and can help you have the best leads for the business.

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  1. I am implementing all these tips but I am not achieving the good results. Can anyone suggest me the better tips to get good alexa rank.

    • Patience is the art to get the best result. Don’t stop keep updating fresh content and improve your organic traffic. it will definitely improve Alexa Ranking.

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