How To Evaluate A Guest Blogging Opportunity in 2020

How To Evaluate A Guest Blogging Opportunity

Guest blogging is one of the major aspects of the content marketing, so while choosing a Guest Blogging Opportunity to promote your product, services or information with quality content and reaching out new audience in your niche you need to be extra conscious.

As long as there will be business blogs and online marketing strategies, there will be guest posting—a critical component of any industry digital marketing strategies.

Writing a guest post to a relevant niche blog—and getting a corresponding backlink—actually, makes your own business website more visible. Still, guest posting is considered to be the even source of Backlinks generating and improving the ranking of your website in Google SERP.

Guest posting is increased tremendously in the recent time, just because this directly gets your name out there, which helps you build your authority more healthy in your industry and niche.

Use the following five quality metrics to To Evaluate A Guest Blogging Opportunity for your campaign

1. Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a very important metric of a site’s quality checking. DA is a metric authorized by Moz, and it’s ranked on a scale that ranges from 0 to 100. Higher the score, the better the Domain Authority of the website.

DA is calculated on the metric with the combination of total quality links from high authority sites and total referring domains. Moz provides two Metric Domain authority- DA and Page Authority- PA, DA gives complete domain strength whereas PA gives the strength of the individual page of the website.

Its advised to go for the active blogs having more than DA 50+. Higher DA is better, depending on the context of your efforts, but 50 ensures a minimum threshold of reliability and adequate return for your efforts in pitching and composing the post.

2. Social Media Activity 

Before you go ahead and pitch for the guest post on any of the blogging website. you should always make a point to check the social media activity and its follower’s activity on the page.

If the website is found dead on the major social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest then it will turn to be just waste of effort in creating the post for such bloggers.  

When you take your valuable time to compose the guest post, you want to make sure that the blogger is going to help you spread it through its social media and make its reader share and reach its followers. If the last post shared on Facebook or Twitter was back in the year 2016, it won’t benefit you in any way.

Always look for the most engaged Facebook page with a good post like and comments, Twitter is moderate as compared to other but adequate re-tweet and likes with proper hashtags can take you long.

3. Relevance and Quality

You want to be posting for the audience of your industry and niche.

Before all, you must get the following checkbox ticked. Are they your ideal reader? How engaged are they?

Are they likely to share your content and become frequent readers of your shared information?

Some quick questions you can ask yourself and evaluate:

  1. Does the site publish a guest post from just about anyone on the internet?
  2. what is the social count of the recent few blog post, are getting its due and is this number going to be enough for your efforts?
  3. Is the post been timely updated after it published by the authors?
  4. What kind of comment is received? is it just link spam or engaging conversation by readers?

4. Target Audience

This process is the most crucial of all in guest posting opportunity evaluation.

You need to review,

  1. Is this related to my industry or niche?
  2. What kind of audience do they possess?
  3. In what way this audience will engage with your chosen topic?
  4. Will this website serve your business model necessity and branding?

After getting ticked all the checkbox for the above questions, now you need to prepare content as per the audience of the publisher.

If you do so your content will help you out making new loyal readers and this will eventually lead to getting you new Clients, Customers and followers in big time.

5. Advertisement

A smart publisher understands that audience satisfaction and sustainable profits go hand in hand. Most of the publisher look for making maximum bucks out of advertisements and Affiliate marketing.

This becomes a major concern for the guest writer who is going to compose an article for the website. Having too many ads and affiliate links on the page get the content at stake and major focus shifts towards money mending links and ads.

So while choosing publisher you need to emphasize well on looking their revenue strategies. Having too many advertisements here and there on the website becomes a point of destruction as your fundamental idea is to have audience engagement with your content rather in affiliate ads.

Final Thoughts on Guest blogging

Guest blogging remains the static strategy for Business branding, content marketing and generating ample amount of backlink eventually having the prominent intent to reaching out the new audience of your industry and improve your Google Search Rank.

So your prime focus should be on how to evaluate Guest Blogging Opportunity.

Finally, Your guest post should be unique, value-driven, relevant and substantive to the audience in the industry—or else, why post it?

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