How to Add Social Media Links to Your Google Search Profile in 2020

How to Add Social Media Links to Your Google Search Profile

Whenever anyone does Google search for your Blog, Website or Brand they look for the best result possible from Google. Day in day out Google is trying to improve user experience.

Google gives Knowledge Graph for the popular brands and popular personality by picking best information from the relevant resources and trusted data available on the internet.

In the Google My Business Page, it also Picks the Social Media Links and places it below all the details of the Google Search Profile.

So would be having an obvious question- How to add social media profiles to google my business?

Well, today in this article I’m showing you simple and easy steps to add Social Media Links to your Google Search Profile or Google My Business Page.

I have taken Example of India’s one of the Biggest Online Store FLIPKART. You can see Google search includes all the social media profile links of Flipkart in the Google Search Profile at right side bottom.

How to Add Social Media Links to Your Google Search Profile

You will find that Google has displayed Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+ profile of Flipkart in Google Search Profile of Flipkart.

Currently, Google only supports these Social Media Profiles:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Myspace

The Benefits of adding Social Media Profile to Google My Business Page

  1. Increase Website Exposure and Brand Awareness
  2. Gain Subscriber, Increase Page Likes and Followers
  3. Generate more leads from Social Media and Improve Sales
  4. Target the active Social member on your profile with Social Media Ads Campaign
  5. Reach new audience and bring them into marketing funnel convert them into the potential customer

Step-by-Step Guide to add social profiles to google my business

  • You should have access to your backend code as you will require adding JSON-Link code in head or body section of the homepage
  • Select the code below as per your preference, If you are an organization select first code template and if it’s for an individual select the other one

JSON-LD template for an organization to specify several social profiles:

<script type=”application/ld+json”>
{ “@context” : “”,
“@type” : “Organization”,
“name” : “Your Organization Name”,
“url” : “”,
“sameAs” : [ “”,

JSON-LD template for a person to specify their social profiles:

<script type=”application/ld+json”>
{ “@context” : “”,
“@type” : “Person”,
“name” : “your name”,
“url” : “”,
“sameAs” : [ “”,

  • Copy the above code, paste it in a simple notepad file
  • Add NAME i.e name of your organization or your personal name,
  • Add URL: insert URL of your website
  • Add sameAs: finally, update all the Social Media accounts URL
  • Next Step is to Structured Data Testing

There are two methods to test your Structured Data:

  1. Insert code into web page and test by entering website URL
  2. Second is by pasting the code in code snippet and perform the test.

Both the methods are correct but the second method is more advisable as you can insert code into web page once it’s error free.

Testing Method One:

how to link social media link to google my business profile

  • If you find any error or warning fix them
  • Re-insert code into the web page and repeat the process once again
  • Once it’s error-free, then it’s ready to Go

Testing Method Two:

how to add social media to google my business profile

  • If any error is found fix them
  • Once you get 0 errors & 0 warnings it’s ready to go

How to Add Social Media Links to Your Google Search Profile

  • Insert the code in your head or body section of the homepage on the website and it’s done

Final thoughts on adding social profiles to Google my business

Once you are done with all the steps and updated the error-free code, it will usually take 40-50 odd days to show up in the Google my business profile of your brand in google Search. This will boost your social media traffic and improve your personal or organizational brand. Do implement it on your blog or business website now.

If you have any queries to add social media to Google my business or find an error while implementation the above steps, kindly write it in the comment section below. I  will try to solve it for you. Cherish the social hike of your brand.

If you found this article helpful for you, do share it on Facebook and LinkedIn as sharing is only caring. Let the knowledge spread and all get benefited from it.


  1. Insert the code in your head or body section of the homepage on the website and it’s done

    Where is the code on the website ?
    Is my website or code in google my business ?

    Where can I Insert this code ?

    Help me please!!!
    Thank you

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