Free Instant Approval Infographics Submission Sites 2020 [Updated March 2020]

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Are you a blogger, content marketer or SEO professional?

Well well well if yes, you might be looking for high Authority infographic submission sites list for promoting your infographics and get high-quality backlinks to your website. All we want is to increase the footfall for the website and widen our network and subscribers.

Infographic submission has become the most important techniques to generate the quality backlink to your money sites as well as informative and educationals blogs articles.

If you are running a business, make creative infographics for your services and products, post them to your business websites, blogs and generate embedded codes of it, this will help your visitors to use this code and get natural sharing and backlinks.

Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization is changing quite rapidly. Now it’s more important to do smart work rather than just hard work. Things are moving remarkably very fast, people don’t like to consume content of 2000 words rather than they just prefer to scan it. In this case, Infographic becomes really beneficial to attract such readers and get more fans and subscriber to your blogs. In this post, I’m going to share you the Top 25 Free Infographic Submission Sites in 2020 to post your creative infographics.

What are the Key Benefits of Infographic Submission in SEO?

  • Leverage external audiences to grow your readership
  • Get quality Backlink links to your website
  • Increase the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website
  • Absolutely Free Service
  • Improve organic search ranking
  • Become key influencer of your niche with a quality infographic creation

List of Instant Approval Infographics Submission Sites 2020

Web PageDAIP Location
https://www.easel.ly73Virginia 23Pennsylvania 49Nebraska 70Arizona 49Texas 95California 47California 31California 28Utah
http://flickr.com98California 33Texas 99California
https://www.infographicbee.com30Illinois 32Oklahoma 20Arizona 32Arizona 43Illinois 66- 31Arizona 45- 30- 25-
http://www.nerdgraph.com45 42Florida


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