Top Benefits of Blogging for Your Business Website in 2020

top benefits of blogging for business website

If you’re running a small business and wondering is it worth blogging on your website, the answer is absolutely YES!

Blogging gives others a sense of the corporate standards, vision, and personality of your company. It is most user-friendly and powerful tool in SEO. Blogging regularly is relatively easy, inexpensive way to improve your inbound marketing efforts, drive more traffic to your site and draw more prospective customers.

A blog is not only capable of reaching new customers but can also build a healthy relationship with existing clients and also with potential customers by exchanging information, solutions, reviews, and opinions about a business and its products, services, and reputation.

If you are interested in increasing your online exposure, while establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, then you will definitely want to take advantage of blogging as a marketing strategy.

The Top 5 Benefits of Blogging on Your Business Website

  1. Boost Search Engine Optimization and Improve Website Ranking

    More blog post you add, more fresh content and pages Google and other search engines get to index under your belt. The increase in the number of pages will enhance website page authority which will lead you to improve your Alexa Ranking. Blogging will always give you an added advantage in ranking on your high competitive keywords with your competitors without blogs. Blogging improves your organic search visibility and website traffic. The blog post gives you open opportunity to target your major Keywords and make people visit your website and buy your products or take services you provide.

  2. Build Healthy Relationships With Existing And New Customers

    By providing your own unique thoughts and insights, you naturally grow your search traffic, customer trust and ultimately, sales. Customer engagement is an immensely important element in online marketing and Branding for small as well as big business. Blogs will help you connect & build trust with your existing and new customers if you provide them with engaging fresh relevant content. Try to solve the problems of your customers and provide them easy and quick solutions. Get engaged with visitors by responding them well for every query they have this will eventually lead to building healthy relationship and Trust. Ultimately your Brand is going to be benefited from it.

  3. Build Authority in Your Industry

    The blog is one of the most important factors to establish yourself expert in your industry and make your product or Brand popular. Regularly publishing in-depth blogs that are helpful, informative to solve the problems of your potential customers or visitors, they will turn up to your blog when any expert opinion is needed. It’s more likely of person interested in taking your services. Blogging can ultimately increase leads and conversion rates and double your online business.

  4. Collect Emails Create Opportunities and Win Leads

    Usually, business owners buy email database and run multiple email campaigns (Illigual in many Countries) hoping to get more traffic to the website and get good leads. If you publish fresh blog content on regular basis, people are more likely to subscribe to your NEWSLETTERS and Blog post notification. Getting someones primary mail is not an easy task, but once you have it, you build a direct connection with the individual. Whenever you have something important to inform or other business promotional activities to share, email is the simplest mode to connect with your subscriber.

  5. Build Online Reputation and Double the Sales

    Trust is a rare and valuable element online business. You can’t buy trust. It has to be earned by demonstrating your commitment and honest dedication to your readers, time and time again. Once the customer has trust in your brand and business, this will double the sales and increase the revenue of the business.

Final Thoughts on Blogging

Blogging is need of the hour be it a small business or the large one. Online reputation has to build in this internet age. Blogging will provide you a platform to openly express yourself. A blog can be more than just a way of advancing your online presence; it can be a way of advancing your life.

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