The Top 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the SEO Strategies


Artificial Intelligence is playing a big role in the human revolution. So much hype is there about Artificial Intelligence in the market in every field. It has become a game changer in Search Engine Optimization and Digital marketing also. Artificial Intelligence research is constantly going on to enhance the tactics used by digital marketers in SEO.

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the SEO Strategies

  • The concept of SEO has been here for a while. Many businesses are in a conundrum that whether to use SEO techniques or not. By not using SEO, might save them some budget, but in the long run, it is going to affect the business badly.
  • If SEO of a website is not done properly, it the website gets degrade gradually and gets placed at the very last pages of search results making it non-existent to the users. So, the importance of SEO cannot be undermined as it helps businesses in improving sales and marketing techniques.Let us first get some knowledge about SEO in brief.

What is SEO?


➢ SEO is the abbreviation for (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a technique used by digital marketers to improve the ranking of the website in search engine results. SEO enhances the quality as well as the quantity of traffic on the website. Various techniques used for SEO are keyword placements, content creation, backlinking etc.

➢ Imagine search engine as a huge library having billions of websites. When the user makes a search on the internet, search engines like Google provides the most relevant websites at the top. So how does it work? Search engines have crawlers that crawl through websites gathering the details of the websites and raking them in its database.

➢ Whenever a user makes a search, search engine first matches the keywords with its database and shows the best results at the top. But it is very difficult to understand the algorithm as it is constantly changing and sometimes even Google’s products and services are placed low in the search results.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

SEO can be categorized into following two types: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Let us discuss them in brief.

1.White Hat SEO

  • White Hat SEO is the SEO technique that utilizes the ethical techniques in attracting traffic towards your website.White Hat SEO can be done by good content marketing, link generation or backlinking.In case of white hat SEO, you cannot expect a huge flow of traffic in short time.
  • The traffic increases slowly and gradually but the traffic is of good quality and long lasting

2.Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

  • Black hat SEO, on the other hand, is a technique of generating traffic on the website that violates the search engine’s term of service.In other words, this technique is unethical and can lead to permanent ban your website. Black Hat SEO involves techniques like keyword stuffing, fake links etc.
  • The traffic generates from Black Hat SEO is unpredictable. Sometimes low sometimes very high.
  • The traffic generated from black hat SEO is of low quality and is for short-term only.

Now, let us discuss how Artificial Intelligence as a service is transforming the SEO strategies:

  1. Smarter Customer Services

One of the major applications of Artificial Intelligence in SEO is improving the customer service. You may be familiar with the concept of Chatbots. Or you might have come across using one. Chatbots are especially computer programs that simulate human conversation. Chatbots helps in answering the queries of the customers.

Chatbots are designed using algorithms in machine learning that takes user queries as input, processes it and finally answering the queries. Chatbots are designed to be more friendly and informative. Even if the user does not have any queries, chatbots engage or guide the user through your website.

Moreover, chatbots are available 24×7 in customer support. Customers are more satisfied when they get their queries are answered instantly. This helps in improving the response time. Chatbots can handle multiple users at the same time which is not possible for the human counterpart. Also, chatbots do not get bored or irritated as they have no emotions.

So, chatbots help in improving the customer service for the businesses.

  1. Content Marketing Gets Better

artificial intelligence content marketing

As we all know that in any digital marketing strategy, content is the key. A good content is going to give you organic and long-lasting traffic. Artificial Intelligence as a service has made searches more relevant and intelligent. This further improves user experience as the user gets most relevant results at the top of search pages.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting is providing solutions that are helping in improving the content marketing. They are providing solutions that help in identifying the most relevant content, trending topics, keywords etc. By utilizing this information, SEO can be done in a more effective way.

Google’s Rank Brain is a game changer in content marketing. It provides best results at the top by using it’s constantly changing and adaptive algorithm.

  1. No Black Hat Techniques

Using Artificial Intelligence applications in SEO has helped in eliminating the unethical techniques of doing SEO that is black hat SEO. Artificial Intelligence research in SEO has made black hat SEO to take the back seat. Searches based on artificial intelligence algorithms have become more intelligent. They can easily understand the foul methods of fooling the search engines thereby improving ranking.

Moreover, using black hat techniques for rank improvement can result in blocking the domain of your website.

  1. The Intent is More Important

Billions of searches are going on every second round the globe. Users find things differently according to their convenience. Search engines based on Artificial Intelligence have the capability to get into the meaning behind the searches. In other words, it is capable of understanding the intent behind the search.

Thus, it helps throughout the customer lifecycle, guiding the customer through every step. So, it becomes important for digital marketers to write the content according to the new algorithmic changes.

5.Improving Data Analysis

Data analytics artificial intelligence in SEO

Data is everywhere. SEO and digital marketing also involve a huge amount of data. The data collected from the internet is of mainly two types. Unstructured and structured. Most of the data collected from the internet are in the unstructured format. It has to be converted into a structured format. Artificial Intelligence as a service has helped in converting unstructured data into structured data.

Structured data helps in indexing the data that makes search engines to find the quality and relevant data. It helps in improving the Click Through Rate. A good click-through rate is an indication that your website is getting famous among the target audience.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed how resourceful SEO is going to be in the upcoming years. But on the other hand, things have become more complex in the context of strategy making. Applications of artificial intelligence in SEO and digital marketing are helping to tackle this problem. Thus SEO and digital marketers must not confine themselves to the traditional methods and must constantly adapt to the new changes in the technology.

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