How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is Becoming Boon for Social Media Growth


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. The list is endless. The evolution of internet has changed everything. The way of doing business, shopping, and communication pattern. Online social media platforms have revolutionized the way we communicate. Today social media platforms have gained an enormous popularity that they have become an integral part of our lives. 

According to a report, 71% of people that are using the internet have a social media account. The number is never gonna stop anywhere. Again this is important for the marketers as social media platforms have become the most critical for every brand promotion. The same survey suggests, in 2017, 81% of the population of USA had a social media account. Also, worldwide social media users have touched to whopping 2.34 billion and it is expected to grow to around 2.95 billion by 2020.

Social media platforms are already at the apex of the popularity. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are just adding to it. Its applications in social media platforms have leveraged the popularity by introducing many useful features.

Now, let us see how AI and machine learning has made social media platforms more popular and beneficial.

  1. Serving the Right Content:

    Social media platforms are not only meant for people to communicate. Now they have become a HubSpot of exchanging the information. Social media platforms are flooded with latest articles, news, and current affairs. Artificial intelligence has helped in serving the right information to the right audience. AI algorithms gather user information from their profile, past searches of news they are interested in and celebrities or brands they are following on social media platforms. Further, it then shows the information related to the interest of the user. This makes social media platforms more engaging and popular. This has improved the revenue of brands by 171%.

  1. Face Recognition Systems:

    The face recognition feature in the Facebook is built using artificial intelligence algorithms. It can identify the faces in the images and enhanced the tagging feature of the Facebook. It can also identify places, buildings, and locations in the images. This has also helped social media marketing campaigns. For example, they can provide special discounts to the persons that are posting their pictures in their place.

  1. Social Media for Branding and Promotion:

    Social media platforms are becoming popular among the brands and organizations. The blend of artificial intelligence with social media has helped brands in running their promotional campaigns. Brands can reach the target audience by analyzing their special interests and engagement. In this way, brands can run their campaigns smoothly by generating new leads and converting existing leads into customers.

    Artificial intelligence has also enabled marketers in getting a better user insight using the social media platforms. AI algorithms help in optimizing the content for the users. Brands can interact with the customers in the real-time and can understand them better.

  1. Chatbots:

    One of the AI  application in social media platform is the introduction of Chatbots. Chatbots are able to simulate human conversation. They can understand the queries of the clients and respond to the queries in the form of solution to the problems. Chatbots provide good customer service to the clients. Social media platforms are providing chatbots services so that the clients can interact with the brands on these social media platforms at any time of the day. Social media platforms are using Chatbots for entertainment too. Some chatbots are designed in a way that they can entertain the users by cracking jokes, sharing stories with the users etc.

  1. Facebook Recommendation Systems:

    While using social media platforms like Facebook, you might have noticed that it provides the friend suggestions to the user. It also suggests the pages and brands you may like. These recommendations are based on your location, gender your friend list and interests. Users no longer have to find their friends on these platforms as they are shown as a recommendation to them. This innovation in digital technology is to improve the user experience.

  1. Popularity in Political Campaigns:

    Political parties are now using social media platforms exhaustively. Social media platforms have the power to influence the voters and change their opinion. Artificial intelligence systems provide a better insight of user data in social media platforms. By using AI and machine learning algorithms, political parties can follow the voters and strengthen their position in the election.

    The brand value of a politician can be determined by the number of followers on the social media platforms. Also, machine learning algorithms can understand the user’s opinion of an individual as well as a political party by using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Also, the result of the elections can be predicted using AI and machine learning algorithms.

  1. Social Media in Job Searches:

    The use of AI and machine learning in job searching and social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Bright has also led to increasing popularity. LinkedIn matches best candidates with the best jobs using machine learning algorithms. Also, it takes into account the past history of candidates and hiring pattern of the employers. This analysis creates a ‘job score’ that matches the job seeker with the best employer.


Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. It has a huge impact on our lives. Further applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped in increasing the outreach of the social media platforms. It has improved the user experience by the use of chatbots and recommendation systems. Various brands are using social media platforms in their branding campaign. Artificial intelligence research in social media platforms will definitely boost its popularity to manifolds. So just wait and watch what more AI and machine learning is going to offer the social media platforms in near future.


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